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Our Products


The Abacus tool is used to improve the understanding of numbers and place value system. The six semi-circular rings represent a place value starting from ones and going up to lakhs. The nine different chips represent numbers from 1 to 9.


Arith-o-tool is a hands-on device to add, subtract and multiply numbers. The tool has three stands with six towers on each stand. Every tower represents the place value for a digit. Chips placed on the tower are used for performing Arithmetic Operations.

Deci Toy

Deci Toy is a simple tool used to represent decimal numbers up to two decimal places. The tool comprises of a rectangular board and a set of three different rectangular tiles that fit in to the board.

Frac Pro

Frac Pro is a tool that aids the visualisation of fraction multiplication. The tool comprises of a square box and tiles that represent different fractions.

Fraction Slits

Fraction Slits is a hands-on tool to facilitate the understanding of the concepts of parts and whole. Additionally, it can be used to represent fractions and relations between equivalent fractions.


The grid is a 18x18 board with slots and chips. It can be used for learning Tables, finding Multiples & Factors, LCM & HCF and Perimeter & Area. Tables, Multiples, Factors, LCM, Perimeter, and, Area