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Our tools are based on concepts instead of curriculum providing school going learners a hands-on experience to not just visualize Mathematics but also experience it in their own way.




We have developed workshops based on different themes that help you to understand and enjoy Mathematics through experiments and discussions.

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Our projects are built to accelerate the thinking process of the learners by letting them explore Mathematics by means of playful ways with free-play along with directed instructions.


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Honorary Mentor

Professor Dinesh Singh

Former Vice Chancellor
University of Delhi



Math Ed Labs is working towards bringing a paradigm shift in the pedagogy of Mathematics.We set up a platform which ensures that extra space where the participants (teachers and students) get a chance to discover their abilities and improvise upon their skills. By extension, they have the freedom to experiment with the methods of teaching and learning. We strive to develop a culture pertaining to Mathematics teaching and learning through DIY and hands-on activities that promote construction of knowledge. Additionally, it allows teachers to implement the same innovative methodology while interacting with students.


Since school education is the first step in the development of any country or society, there is a need to build a force of thinkers and doers who can lead the society to its betterment. But the present stage and feedback from organisations that survey alone does not provide a result which anywhere seems to be aimed in this direction.

Currently, the school system is going through renaissance in terms of the methodologies that are implemented in the classrooms.The structure is gradually evolving from traditional methods to the new methods which instills a greater interest in studies and develops a positive attitude towards constructing knowledge.


The seemingly simple question of solving Mathematics has plagued countless generations of parents and children who have gone through our education system. Hands on experience as manipulatives allows students to construct their own cognitive models for abstract mathematical ideas. Innovative and effective practices make the entire learning process lively and let the participants share a new vision, which ultimately fulfills the higher aims of education. We are working towards making new innovative tools that makes Mathematics more playful, fun, hands-on and experience-based. We develop Mathematical tools and activity booklets for continuous learning & projects that are in sync with the learners’ surroundings. We essentially answer their ‘Hows’.


Here is the concept of MEL in the words of its co-founders themselves.


Naim Akram

Co Founder

Syed Shahzar

Co Founder

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We would love to cater our services to you. Additionally, we would love to hear your suggestions and feedback.

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