MATH ED. LABS consists of a team of passionate and enthusiastic professionals in Mathematics Education. It provides services to schools from the beginning of school based math education to the end of it, through its hands on :

1. Math products for school learners
2. Math Newsletters to keep them engaged on a regular basis.
3. Student workshops on Math Games and Activities
4. Development of dedicated Math Corners at various places in the schools
5. Full fledged Mathematics Lab equipped with mathematical tools to experiment with.
6. Also, a unique feature of hosting a Math Camp in schools, where in students of a particular grade would participate in a series of outdoor and indoor activities and tasks throughout a day. The camps shall focus on developing cognitive skills and promote learning of critical mathematics.

We bring to the students an easier and interesting way to learn math through the concept of ‘EXPERIENTIAL MATH LEARNING’. The concept makes the learning of Mathematics easier and interesting for students, thus helping them to solve their real life problems competently and confidently. While ensuring that all their lessons are well mapped to their curriculum.

Experiential learning is based on the active involvement of each learner that enhances and amplifies their learning. We ensure that active involvement of students in this endeavour of ours with assistance of schools own staff.

Math Ed. Labs will set up an environment in your school where the participants i.e. the teachers and the students, will get that extra space and time, where they have the chance to discover their abilities and improvise on their skills, moreover, they have freedom to experiment with their methods of teaching and learning.

There are certain objectives that we have kept in our mind for the drive which are as follows:

To develop an environment that creates interest in math learning of learners and engages them to do, then to learn.

To instill Clarity of thought and pursuing assumptions to logical conclusions.

Also, we consider that a friendly atmosphere be created among teachers and students, so we have kept it in our mind that, the proposal does not become too arduous. So, it has been taken care that the route obtained is more helpful and inspirational rather than becoming a load.


The MATH BOXES by MATH ED LABS is unique tool box equipped with dynamic instruments, with the aim of imparting experiential learning of useful mathematics to the students of math. The whole concept of creating these boxes is to provide the mathematical skills and aptitude to the learners. The students can understand various mathematical concepts with the help of the MATH BOXES in classrooms and math labs. They can also make use of these boxes at home.

Each individual student will be given three boxes each year comprising of tools for effective mathematical learning. The box will make them visualize and do mathematics. The box will aim at the mathematisation of the learner.

Each one of you can get your own math box. To get one write to us at order@mathedlabs.com and why do you wish to get one

Along with the box the below mentioned services worth the total price of hundreds of boxes will be free of cost to the schools.


Math Newsletter will be a monthly feature. There will be a theme every month around which the newsletter will be based. The newsletter will comprise of Mathematical updates, Thought provoking questions, Mathematical concepts beyond the books, Do-it-Yourself tasks, current affairs, use of Vedic math and applied Mathematics to appreciate the nature of subject.

We develop newsletters for every class, which is distributed to individual student once a month.
The newsletters will be a 8 page printed booklet, which will have components such as vedic math tricks, recreational riddles, math puzzles, current affairs, mathematical aptitude building exercises, DIY experiments etc.

The newsletter will be divided into 4 sections:


Workshops for students will be skill oriented and develop mathematical aptitude in the students. The workshops will aim at experiential learning by using hands–on equipments. It will contain an entire section on creating math, for students. The objective of these workshops is to provide students a platform to articulate and visualize Math, usher their creative side and allow them to explore Mathematics like never before.

We will conduct workshops for students, once a month, which will be mapped to their curriculum. The basic component of workshops include, developing mathematical skills, equipping the students with modern day math and making them do mathematics using games and activities.

The workshops will be a 100 minute long engaging and interactive activity. It shall be divided into 2 sessions of 50 minutes each.


A place in the school premises, where Mathematics activities in the form of hands on games models, recreational math puzzles and other math resources which make math teaching and learning fun. The place will be equipped with experimental tools & mathematical investigations.

A place where students, across all grades, will be equipped with experimental & mathematical investigations; and be given tools to take readings and observe, which will help them to build concepts.
It will also include small mathematics activities in the form of hands on games models, recreational math puzzles and other math resources which make math learning fun.


A 6 hour event, which will comprise of in‐house and outdoor activities and coordinated programs. It will promote the learning of critical Mathematics topics. The camp will have components such as games, recreational activities and a treasure hunt where students hunt for a treasure using their mathematical aptitude.

We will conduct Math camps for one class a day.
The math camp will be a 6 hour long engaging, interactive, fun and joyful math learning and doing experience.

The event will be for a group of 100 – 150 students in a batch and will be divided into 3 segments of 2 hours each.

The entire support service will be monitored through our dedicated Research and Development setup.

The exercise will be a longitudinal project which will work towards the higher aim of developing inner resources of the growing learner. Also to work for the mathematisation of the child’s thought processes. In other words, it is “more useful to know how to mathematise than to know a lot of mathematics”
The conception will work to create and develop a learning culture in the school and will be observing a longer effect and change in the attitude of the teaching-learning process.


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